What is an Emergency Plumber?

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Emergency plumbers are responsible for making plumbing repairs in your property when a plumbing emergency happens.

Do I Need an Emergency Plumber?

Examples of plumbing emergencies:

Blocked pipes – When your pipes are blocked, it restricts water from running and taps, radiators, baths and showers will be affected.

Blocked drains – Blocked drains can be a problem especially when the water from your sink or bath stops draining or takes a long time to drain.

Clogged toilet – Clogged toilets are an inconvenience and improper disposal of sanitary products and toilet paper can cause toilets to pool up and overflow when they are flushed.

Water leaks – Leaks can cause your property damage if it is not detected and repaired immediately.

Gas leaks – Carbon monoxide poisoning along with fires and explosions are examples of the consequences of not reporting a gas leak. A plumber or heating engineer should be called urgently.