Power Flushing for Radiators

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Power flushing is the industry standard solution for effectively clearing out your central heating system of blockage.

A power flushing service is a fast and reliable method for restoring your home’s heating and radiators.

Benefits of Power Flushing Services

Power flushing is a simple solution to boost the efficiency of your heating. Here are some benefits to utilising a power flushing service from an experienced plumber:

• Radiator heat output will be restored
• Reduces future problems from occurring
• It descales the system and removes corrosive water
• Your heating will be restored to maximum efficiency reducing energy costs
• Power flushing cleans the entire heating system of sludge and other debris
• Circulation and flow problems will be cured
• Treatment in the power flushing prevents further corrosion
• Removes the noise from noisy boilers